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Traveling this summer? Got a long road trip planned? I’ve got you covered with healthy on-the-go clean food options.  Your clean eating routine doesn’t have to go by the wayside just because you’ll be away from home and your kitchen. With a little pre-planning, you can create a lot of options for eating healthy away from home. So, make a list, shop ahead and pack up some healthy treats for your vacations and keep driving on by that truck stop full of trans-fats and genetically modified foods!  

Beyond healthy food, I always have a few supplements on hand for emergencies. I pack activated charcoal in case anyone gets a food borne illness. Usually one to two capsules in a large glass of water will stop any purging. I like to pack Xlear for healthy nasal passages, magnesium glycinate to help me sleep and relax muscles and some electrolytes for good hydration. 

Eating healthy in the car 

Got a road trip this summer? Here are a few tips on how to eat healthy on the road:

1. Plug in your route on Eat Well Guide and it will give you a list of healthy food options along your route.  Plug in your destination and it will give you tons of local, organic food options where you’ll be staying as well.

2. Pack a cooler. Keep the kids from getting bored by having go-to snacks on hand. Pre-made lunches means less stops and getting to your destination quicker!

3. Here’s what I pack for the car: bananas, apples, grapes, pre-made trail mix (nuts, seeds, dried fruit), homemade or low-sugar granola bars, hummus with sliced cucumber, carrots and bell peppers, sandwiches for the kids, power salad for me, protein power balls, homemade granola, nitrate-free beef sticks or jerky and organic tortilla chips.

4. Refillable, reusable water bottles. No plastic bottles that just fill up landfills and expose you to more BPA, buy a glass or stainless steel bottle and refill it! 

Eating healthy on a plane

Knowing a few secrets can get you by those pesky TSA rules!

1. Pack your breakfast in a baggie! I pack cinnamon, chia seeds, nuts and my homemade granola in a baggie. Once through security, I look for a coffee shop and get a cup of hot water and a spoon (almost always free).  You can also add dried fruit like raisins, cranberries or apples to sweeten it up. Another option is chia pudding with nuts, blueberries and a swirl of nut butter. Just make sure it’s very thick – I once had to down a whole cup of chia pudding at the security checkpoint because it had too much liquid!

2. Banana with a packet of almond butter.

3. For every plane trip I took last year, I made a power salad in a small tupperware container. It has greens, a protein of chicken or tuna fish, sunflower seeds, diced avocado, chia seeds, chopped veggies like cucumber, bell peppers, carrots and a tiny container of homemade dressing (you may have to add this before security).  I stop by a café and grab a plastic fork before getting on the plane. I’ve also packed all kinds of leftovers, like zoodles with pesto, chicken salad, and even turkey burgers. As long as there is no liquid, you’ll be allowed to bring it. 

4. I also love taking chocolate covered nuts, granola, blueberries, raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and homemade granola bars for the kiddies.

5. Water! Buy a large bottle of water, like Fiji, after security or fill up your reusable water at a café soda fountain. Gotta have lots of water for those dehydrating plane trips!

6. Herbal tea – I love packing a baggie of my favorite herbal teas. I use Peppermint for a pick-me-up or tummy troubles, Ginger is great for nausea as well, I love Vanilla Rooibos, Honey Lavender and Lemon tea as well.

Eating healthy in a hotel

I like to book hotel rooms that have a mini-fridge.  I like packing a few staples in my suitcase and then tossing a few local finds in the fridge.  

1. Stop by a local market and buy some string cheese, plain yogurt, nut butter, raw veggies like sugar snap peas that don’t require cutting, fruit, hummus and crackers.

2. Bring baggies of quick-cooking oatmeal and make some hot water by running water through the hotel room coffee maker.

3. Pack your protein powder, green powder and add water to a blender bottle for a quick breakfast shake. I make pre-made baggies of collagen peptides, maca powder, raw cacao and chia seeds.

4. Store fresh fruit like apples, oranges, grapes, berries and bananas in the fridge.

5. Make sure you save some snacks for the car or plane ride home. Jerky and beef sticks travel very well. 

Eating healthy in a condo (with a kitchen)

We’re taking a week-long beach vacation this year and I’m excited about being able to cook our own food in a fully-stocked kitchen. I called ahead to see how the kitchen is stocked and I only need to pack a few extra essentials. We’re packing a blender, some spices and a few of my favorite knives.

I’ve planned out our route on Eat Well and found some local restaurants, farmer’s markets and even an organic grocery to shop from. I’m packing a cooler of some of our frozen pastured pork and grass-fed beef from Whiffletree Farm and have planned out our meals for the week, which also includes some evenings out at a few local restaurants that cater to those looking for healthier foods.

I hope this helps you plan some healthy meals during your summer travel. A little pre-planning goes a long way. 

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