Health services to be improved

The Department of Health is pleased to announce that plans to improve health-care services for patients in Atlantis are going full-steam ahead.

What can you look forward to?

Easier folder retrieval, meaning quicker progress;

Expanded medical-record space making it easier for patients to retrieve their folders.

Additional space, shorter time

The team will also add additional consulting rooms so more patients can be seen in a shorter time and the waiting area will be expanded to accommodate more patients more comfortably.

The rainy season is coming and will always ensure clients are accommodated as far as possible during operational hours. The local health team is also exploring ways to add shelters against the rain.

“These projects were in the pipeline prior to the Covid-19 pandemic but we are thankful for the community’s support as we move forward with these projects,” says Dr Laurencia Fillis,

Wesfleur Hospital’s new acting head. “We will keep our community informed step by step of this process and how it will have an impact on our patient flow within the hospital.”

Initiatives already making a difference

. “Our Wellness Hubs continue their good work within the community, providing a closer, quicker way to access basic wellness services such as family planning, youth-friendly services and off-site chronic medication collection,” Fillis.

“We thank the community for embracing these services. A total of 772 clients accessed services at our Wellness Hubs in March and 846 in April – more than double the number of initial monthly clients since December 2022. You too can get quick assistance at these Hubs!”

Eva Frolick was referred to the Atlantis Central Wellness Hub for family services. “I never felt at any stage that I was a burden,” she said.

“I entered and left thankful because I received a good service. The community health workers explained their processes so beautifully and I was given the attention and guidance I needed.”

Be sure to visit the nearest Wellness Hub for any enquiry you may have and assistance:

Atlantis Central Wellness Hub – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (08:30-14:00)

Witsand Wellness Hub (Witsand Resource Centre) – Tuesdays (08:00-12:30)

Pella Wellness Hub (The Castle) – Wednesdays (09:00-13:30)

Appointment system supporting patients who have chronic conditions

“We have listened to our community for services that are easily accessible and reduce the waiting time when it comes to getting chronic medication,” says Dr Fillis.

“We established an appointment service for eligible patients at the Protea Park Clinic. A total of 1 052 patients have consulted with our medical officer since October 2022. This shows that an appointment system works. We are very excited about this. In all, 752 appointments have already been booked up until July.”

“The service I have received so far is fantastic,” declared Kevin Africa (52), a patient with high blood pressure and who has been making use of the chronic services at the Protea Park Clinic.

“By coming here, I am saving a lot of time. The service I receive is quick and friendly and I am enjoying the new environment.”

Talk to your health-care worker if you would also like to benefit from this service.

Fast-tracking at Atlantis Hospital OPD entrance

Many patients are presenting early to the hospital and queueing as early as 04:00.

The Outpatient Department (OPD) opens at 07:00 to 16:30. If people stick to their appointments, there is no need to arrive a few hours earlier, they will be attended to and assisted. “Unfortunately, patients are not allowed to enter the facility before the official opening times,” Fillis explains, “which is why we have set up appointment systems so they do not need to stand in the cold from such an early time. Their safety is of the utmost importance and we encourage them to speak to the staff and make full use of the available appointment slots at the hospital.

“We realise that for unforeseen reasons it may happen that you miss an appointment. We have implemented a fast-tracking system to ensure that if you missed your appointment for a chronic prescription you receive an alternative date and your supply of one month’s medication.

“We are working to improve our appointment system even more so that patients will have more well-defined appointment time slots in the future.

“We strive to uphold the values of our health-care system by prioritising our very sick patients (including children and babies), frail and elderly patients as they are more vulnerable and more in need of medical care.”

A medical officer is stationed at the entrance to the OPD, so all patients can easily be assessed and patients who need to be prioritised, are identified.

“We thank the community for understanding that there are those of the patients who are very ill, and if not attended to quickly, could have dire health consequences.”

She reminds residents the Emergency Centre is open for 24 hours a day for life threatening health emergencies.

“We will continue to keep our community informed about the improvements we are making. In the meantime, we welcome your input about our services and appeal to our community to use the dedicated channels so that your voice will be heard, and you can receive feedback.” Residents have several options to choose from:

• Talk to the Hospital Manager

• Write down your complaint/compliments/suggestions and put it in the box at the facility

• Send a “Please call me” to 079 769 1207

• Contact our toll-free number on 0860 142 142

• Email us at

“When it comes to patient care and their concerns, we believe in a grassroots level approach,” Fillis said.

“Each complaint is treated on its own merit as every individual citizen’s concern is different in the same way that each patient’s health need is unique.”

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