I’m the Fitness Chef – here’s five reasons you’re not losing weight (and it’s NOTHING to do with your body type)

IT’s a tale as old as time – you’re eating well and exercising but still not losing weight.

Well a nutritionist reckons there are five simple reasons why – and it’s got nothing to do with your body type.

The Fitness Chef Graeme Tomlinson revealed five reasons you're not losing weight


The Fitness Chef Graeme Tomlinson revealed five reasons you’re not losing weightCredit: SUPPLIED

Graeme Tomlinson, who goes by the Fitness Chef on social media, said it’s all down to your pesky calorie count.

He wrote on Instagram: “Despite the myriad of nonsense available from fitness industry charlatans, the physiological reason you’re not losing fat is simple.

“It’s nothing to do with your body type, or eating carbs, or going into ‘starvation mode’.

“It’s because you’re not in a calorie deficit.

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“These are scientific and logical explanations as to why this might be the case.”

Here, Graeme breaks down the five most likely culprits for your lack of results.

1. Underestimating calories consumed

Whether it’s overdoing it on the oil or inaccurately tracking the number of crisps we scoff, Graeme thinks it’s highly likely you’re eating far more than you think.

He highlighted a study by researchers at Columbia University which found we tend to underestimate the number of calories we consume by up to 47 per cent.

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This can have huge implications when tracking your food intake and trying to shed some pounds.

2. Overestimating calories burned

The same study revealed we also commonly overestimate the amount of exercise we do, or the intensity we do it at, by up to 57 per cent.

Graeme said this could be because activity trackers “significantly” inflate the number of calories we burn.

A 2017 report discovered seven of the most popular models – including the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S and Fitbit – were “way off the mark”.

The worst – the PulseOn – was out by an average of 93 per cent.

3. Metabolic adaptation

Another reason the number on the scales might not be falling is because you’re dieting too often.

Graeme said: “If you keep crash dieting, your metabolism may adapt.

“The more you crash diet and regain weight, the harder it becomes to lose fat.”

He pointed to the reality TV show The Biggest Loser, where overweight contestants aim to transform their bodies.

Throughout the programme, the participants follow “extremely aggressive” calorie deficits.

But six years after being broadcast, almost everyone had regained the weight they lost.

“It was found they collectively burned 700 calories less per day than at the start of the show,” Graeme said.

“This means their metabolisms had slowed.⁣”

4. Not adjusting your plan

“As you lose fat, you need to reduce calories further in order to stay in a calorie deficit,” Graeme said.

“The more fat you lose, the harder it gets because there is less fat to burn.”

When you start to see results, you need to adjust your plan.

“It’s recommended you recalibrate based on your reduced weight every four to six weeks,” he added.

5. Living for the weekend

If you’re someone who sticks to a calorie deficit during the week but eats excessively on Saturdays and Sundays, listen up.

Graeme said that while it’s important not to restrict yourself all the time, letting go too often can hinder your weight loss.

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“It takes you out of the average deficit required to lose fat,” he said.

“Flexibility is key to sustaining long term fat loss and excessive consumption can be part of an overall deficit, but if it’s consistently big it can take you out of the average calories required to lose body fat,” he said.

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Graeme said people often underestimate the number of calories they consumeCredit: Instagram/thefitnesschef_
He said people also think they've exercised more intensely than they actually have


He said people also think they’ve exercised more intensely than they actually haveCredit: Instagram/thefitnesschef_

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