Over 60s should keep eye health front of mind

WITH a passion for eye health, the Specsavers Torquay team members provide quality and affordable care to the community.

The team are professionally trained, use state-of-the-art equipment in their practice and are enthusiastic about improving the eye health of the local community.

Local optometrist David Truong is encouraging all residents over 60 in the Torquay area to visit Specsavers to ensure their eye health check is up to date, especially if they have noticed changes in their sight in recent months.

In Australia, 90 per cent of vision loss is preventable or treatable, but early detection and intervention is paramount to preventing avoidable vision loss and blindness.

Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of permanent vision loss in Australians aged 60 or over. Often conditions like this will not be painful or even noticeable until well established, which is why it is so important to look after your eye health and engage in regular check-ups.

“It is so important for older people in the community to ensure they are attending regular eye health checks, as many eye conditions, for example, age related macular degeneration and glaucoma, have little to no signs or symptoms in their early stages,” Mr Truong said.

“We want to support a customer’s health journey at every step of the way and improve the health of those in the community through offering expert advice. Our trained staff are equally concerned with diagnosing, treating and the aftercare experience of our customers, making it a true health partnership.

If you’ve noticed changes in your vision or are due for an eye health examination, come in store and speak to one of our friendly team members. We are committed to ensuring our Torquay residents don’t miss out on seeing all the best parts of life!”

Common Eye Questions

How do I know if I need an eye test?

Whether you are having trouble driving, are experiencing blurred or changing vision, have headaches or eye pain, or require an ongoing assessment and management for a progressive eye disorder, it’s important that you get your eyes checked.

Specsavers Torquay also assists with the management and care of patients living with diabetes, hypertension or assistance with common injuries or conditions like conjunctivitis.

What is involved in an eye test?

When you arrive, you will be taken through to the waiting area for some preliminary diagnostic tests before you see the optometrist. As part of every standard comprehensive eye test, a 3D eye scan (OCT) is offered to you for free to help your Optometrist detect eye conditions in their earliest stages so you can see better for longer.

Your optometrist will also determine what clinical tests are needed to provide the correct information for new spectacles or contact lenses; if necessary, they might refer you on for a medical opinion.

How often should I get an eye test?

For most people, it’s advisable to have an eye test every two years, but it’s best to attend earlier if any eye problems occur or if advised by your Optometrist. For Australian 65 and older, it is advised eyes are tested annually.

Are eye tests bulk billed?

At Specsavers Torquay, your eye health test will be bulk billed and free of charge.

Specsavers Torquay is open seven days a week.

To book an appointment, head to specsavers.com.au/stores or phone (03) 4224 9020 for more information.

Visit them in store at 17 Gilbert St, Torquay.

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