School sports day race left me in tears – now I’ve got the ultimate revenge body, I’m aiming to win

A MUM who was left in tears after taking part in her kids’ sports day is now aiming to win after getting the ultimate revenge body.

Laura McCormack, 41, has showed off her incredible transformation after shedding over 7st and dropping seven dress sizes.

Laura McCormack was left in tears after competing at her kids sports day


Laura McCormack was left in tears after competing at her kids sports dayCredit: WeightWatchers
Laura shed 7st and now loves doing fitness activities with her children


Laura shed 7st and now loves doing fitness activities with her childrenCredit: WeightWatchers

The Renfrew local felt sluggish and out of shape after catching Covid for the second time in December 2022.

She found herself struggling to even climb the stairs at home, and was embarrassed to join in with activities when her two kids had sports days.

After one parent competition left her in tears, Laura decided she needed to make a change.

She told the Daily Record: “I got embarrassed when it came to things like kids’ sports days and I would never take part in any of the parent activities.

“That upset me because the kids would always ask me to. I remember the first one I took part in and I ended up just crying because I felt so awful.

“I had no confidence in how I dressed and would cover head to toe in black to hide my body away.”

The mum reached a dress size of 22 and felt she wasn’t setting an example of healthy living for her children.

She used to binge on sharing sized packets of crisps every night and just heated up easy oven dinners.

But Laura made an incredible breakthrough after signing up for WeightWatchers and has now gone down to a size eight after just 15 months.

It helped her make the change to cooking varied homemade recipes for her family, and her kids have praised her for seeming happier with the gym bunny lifestyle.

She said: “My life has changed so much now for the better. My son just keeps saying that I am a much happier mum. This makes it all seem worthwhile.”

The dramatic weight loss means the mum no longer struggles with leg and back aches, which made it difficult to exercise, and now she walks to work in half the time.

Laura is excited to show off her new fitness fanatic side when her kids invite her to sports day this summer – and this time she plans to win.

She said: “I am able to be more active with Jack and Lucy. I was delighted to take part in the parent activities at school sports day last summer but was only about halfway through my journey.

“So now ‘competitive mum mode’ is going on for this year’s sports days and I know my kids are buzzing for this too.”

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